Curiosity Navcam Left B image taken on Sol 1441, August 25, 2016. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

      NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now in Sol 1442 operations, continuing to capture impressive views of the Murray Buttes as the robot presses onward to investigate lower Mount Sharp. This site was informally named nearly three years ago to honor Caltech planetary scientist Bruce Murray (1931-2013), a former director of NASA’s Jet […]

Curiosity Navcam Left B image taken on Sol 1439, August 23, 2016. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The word from Curiosity Mars rover scientists is that the robot is making good progress through the Murray Buttes Now in Sol 1441, the rover drove some 112 feet (34 meters) to the south on Sol 1439. According to Lauren Edgar, a research geologist at the USGS Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, Curiosity planning […]

On February 19, 2016 Rosetta’s instruments detected an outburst event from Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The source was traced back to a location in the Atum region, on the comet’s large lobe, as indicated in this image. Credit: ESA/Rosetta/NavCam – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta comet orbiter has caught on camera an outburst from the celestial wanderer. According to an ESA press statement today, Rosetta unexpectedly captured a dramatic comet outburst that may have been triggered by a landslide. Nine of Rosetta’s instruments, including its cameras, dust collectors, and gas and plasma analyzers, were monitoring […]

Artist rendering of the Directed Energy Interstellar Study. Credits: P. Lubin

For you interstellar travelers out there – it’s a doable target! Proxima b is the closest possible home for life outside the solar system – a mere jump away at four-light-years. An international team of scientists led by astronomers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) announced today clear evidence of a planet orbiting Proxima […]

The discovery of Enceladus’ icy jets and their role in creating Saturn’s E-ring is one of the leading discoveries of the Cassini mission to Saturn – now approaching two decades of lifetime. There is strong evidence of a global ocean and the first signs of potential hydrothermal activity beyond Earth – making this tiny Saturnian moon one of the leading locations in the search for possible life beyond Earth. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Thanks to a suite of scientific instruments and fly-by opportunities, NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn has transformed our understanding of that far-off planet and its retinue of icy moons. Active jets For one, Saturn’s Enceladus is a mini-world of active jets – geyser-like phenomenon that shoots out water vapor and ice particles from an underground […]

China flag

A press event was held in Beijing, China that signaled the launching of a public competitive campaign to get a name and logo for the country’s first robotic Mars probe – due to launch in 2020. During the press event, the external appearance of the Mars craft was revealed. According to Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer […]

Curiosity Mastcam Right image taken on Sol 1437, August 21, 2016. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

The Curiosity rover on Mars carried out a drive over the weekend, but halted a bit early, “but everything is looking good and we will continue to drive in today’s plan,” reported Ryan Anderson, a planetary scientist at the USGS Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona on Monday. Now in Sol 1439, the plan for […]

Curiosity Mastcam Right image taken on Sol 1434, August 18, 2016. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

  Now deep into Sol 1437 in its exploration of Mars, the Curiosity rover has succeeded in recent drives to various spots on the Red Planet. “We are making good progress with our drives…we’re already approaching our next drill site…and the road in front of us is looking pretty smooth,” notes Ryan Anderson, a planetary […]

This 360-degree vista was acquired on Aug. 5, 2016, by the Mastcam on NASA

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now in Sol 1436 – returning detailed imagery of eroded mesas and buttes, even churning out a new 360-degree color panorama of the scenery. As noted in a Jet Propulsion Laboratory release: “The buttes and mesas are capped with rock that is relatively resistant to wind erosion. This helps preserve […]

SpaceX Dragon makes use of Supersonic Retro-Propulsion (SRP) to land on Mars. Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk is unveiling his humans to Mars plan at next month’s 67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico. The world space meeting runs from September 26-30. Multiplanetary species On the second day of the IAC, during a special keynote entitled “Making Humans a Multiplanetary […]