The first phase of China’s bid to make space history by hurling a robotic mission to the far side of the moon is en route to a halo orbit of the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point L2. The Queqiao (Magpie Bridge) relay satellite departed Earth atop a Long March 4C booster on Sunday evening May 20 (May […]

NASA has published a map capturing a cultural perspective of locations in the solar system and points beyond. The map was produced by Bryce Space and Technology under contract with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate for the Directorate’s Emerging Space Office. Bold and broad This map is unique in that it is not science or […]

There are unopened treasures brought back by moonwalkers, lunar collectibles returned to Earth in 1971-72. A new NASA program has been established – the Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis (ANGSA). The goal of the ANGSA program is to maximize the science derived from samples returned by the Apollo Program in preparation for future lunar missions […]

    China has successfully launched the Queqiao relay satellite, a first step in the country’s quest to land the Chang’e-4 spacecraft on the far side of the Moon. Queqiao is to be positioned in an Earth-Moon L2 Lagrange point – a place in space where the spacecraft can relay communications between ground controllers and […]

  Will Mars get the drill? NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now in Sol 2056 implementing a step-wise drilling of the target “Duluth.” The robot’s Dust Removal Tool (DRT) has brushed a section of the target, prepping it for drilling. According to JPL, engineers have been working for the past year to restore the rover’s […]

  NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now performing Sol 2055 science duties. Red Planet researchers are getting ready for re-starting drill activities on Mars. The drill target is “Duluth.” Drill sequence Reports Roger Wiens, a geochemist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the Curiosity rover is commencing its drill sequence with a full […]

“America’s Human Presence in Low-Earth Orbit” is the hearing topic today for the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. “The United States is committed to continuing its presence on and support for the International Space Station (ISS) to 2024. However, the Administration has stated its intention that direct Federal support for the ISS should […]

China’s One Space successfully launched on May 17 its first private rocket at a launch base in the country’s northwestern region. The suborbital rocket, OS-X Chongqing Liangjiang Star, traveled 273 kilometers at a speed five times faster than sound, flying along its preset trajectory for 306 seconds. Bigger strides “The success of today’s maiden flight […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is carrying out Sol 2054 science duties. Reports Abigail Fraeman, a planetary geologist at NASA/JPL in Pasadena, California: “Our sol 2054 plan was limited by a small morning downlink. Occasionally, the flight paths of the Mars orbiters over Gale Crater don’t have favorable geometries for relays with Curiosity, and this means […]

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of the Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, convened a hearing titled “Examining the Future of the International Space Station: Administration Perspectives,” held May 16, 2018. The first in a series of two hearings to examine the role of the International Space Station (ISS), these hearings will provide an […]

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