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A series of observations from Mars orbit show how dark blast zones that were created during the August 2012 landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover have faded inconsistently. Images were taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The observations were taken on multiple dates from Curiosity’s landing to […]

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Credit: NASA/GSFC

  A new story from me, up today on NASA Moon Orbiter, Mars Rover Face Budget Chopping Block by Leonard David,’s Space Insider Columnist March 27, 2015 08:00am ET         Go to:

Asteroid Sample Storage This concept image shows an astronaut storing a sample that was collected from the captured asteroid. Credit: NASA

NASA announced today more details in its plan for an Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM). The decision has been made for an uncrewed solar electric-powered ARM spacecraft to rendezvous with a target asteroid, then deploy robotic arms to capture a boulder from the asteroid’s surface. The ARM craft would then begin a multi-year journey to redirect the […]


The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released the following report and testimony today, all worth a read: 1) NASA: Assessments of Selected Large-Scale Projects. GAO-15-320SP, March 24. In 2015, five of NASA’s largest, most complex projects, several of which are at critical points in their development, are expected to consume 78 percent of the funds […]

Work on all sections of the Long March 5 rocket tower is complete at a Tianjin test site. The rocket has entered the full Arrow modal testing phase. Production of the Long March 5 and Long March 6 is underway in a large industrial base in north China’s Tianjin Municipality Credit: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

China rocket engineers are reporting completion of the second and final ground test of the power system of China’s next-generation carrier rocket – the Long March 5. This booster is central – among duties – to expanding China’s three-pronged Moon exploration program – orbiting, landing upon, and returning to Earth lunar surface samples. Long March […]

A solution to pollution - netting a derelict satellite? Credit: ESA

  Think of it as a new form of “networking” – a method of snagging an uncontrolled, tumbling satellite. Engineers at the European Space Agency (ESA) are moving beyond powerpoint chatter and carrying out weightless net testing for derelict satellite capture. The use of deployable nets to snag discarded satellites as they tumble in space […]

The city of Philadelphia is shown inside a theoretical lunar lava tube. A Purdue University team of researchers explored whether lava tubes more than one kilometer wide could remain structurally stable on the moon.  Credit: Purdue University/courtesy of David Blair

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Earth’s Moon is rife with huge lava tubes – tunnels formed from the lava flow of volcanic eruptions. New theoretical work suggests that lunar lava tubes are large enough to house cities that may be structurally stable on the Moon. These features could support future long-term human space exploration on the […]

Navcam: Left B Sol 930 on 2015 03 19   Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

  NASA’s Curiosity rover has wheeled itself into an area of great interest. A deserved up-close inspection is now underway of an area of possible vein fracture fills – fractures filled with minerals that precipitated from solution. More data on this location is in the offing…but stay tuned for a better appreciation of these features.     […]

Credit: Erica Burrell Design/Wheeler Historical Museum

The Wheeler Historical Museum in Wheeler, Texas has unveiled a statue dedicated to Apollo 12 moonwalker, Alan Bean. Bean became the fourth man to set foot on the Moon in November 1969. He explored the desolate landscape of the Ocean of Storms. His Apollo adventure was followed by being commander of Skylab Mission II in […]

Credit for Hubble Image: NASA, ESA, K. Kuntz (JHU), F. Bresolin (University of Hawaii), J. Trauger (Jet Propulsion Lab), J. Mould (NOAO), Y.-H. Chu (University of Illinois, Urbana), and STScI

It is called NIROSETI for near-infrared optical SETI. This new instrument can record levels of light over time so that patterns can be analyzed and assessed for potential signs of other civilizations. For more than five decades, scientists have been on the lookout for radio signals from other starfolk. But instruments capable of capturing pulses […]