Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin’s solid gold Lunar Module replica has sold for nearly $150,000 at a recent Boston-based auction. Cartier Solid Gold Lunar Module Replica sold for $149,861 according to Boston-based RR Auction. Produced by the legendary jewelry company Cartier, three of the solid gold models of the Lunar Module Eagle was commissioned by a […]

    It takes a Moon village – and the International Space University is onboard by creating a new Moon Village Association. This week, more than 150 experts, engineers, educators and students from around the world gathered in Strasbourg, France to participate in the first International Moon Village Workshop.   Emerging focus The consensus of […]

Littleton, Colorado – InSight, NASA’s next Mars mission is rapidly approaching “ship and shoot” status next year. This Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport — InSight for short space speak — has just completed “thermal vac” here at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company – builder of the Mars-bound craft. Thermal vacuum testing […]

Now in Sol 1883, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is ready to carry out duties over the upcoming holiday. Mars rover scientists have put together “two extra-large helpings of science” to get through the Thanksgiving holiday, reports Ryan Anderson, a planetary geologist at the USGS in Flagstaff, Arizona. The first plan covers sols 1882 through 1886 […]

I’ve had a keen interest in orbital debris for decades – writing for various publications on this topic from SpaceNews newspaper, SPACE.com to Foreign Policy magazine, as well as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Call it a reporter’s instinct, but I believe there’s a line of research that needs exploring: The overall impact of human-made […]

Now in Sol 1882, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has wheeled to a new spot on the Red Planet. A three-sol plan has been scripted, “all about picking interesting targets to explore at our Thanksgiving stopover point,” reports Claire Newman, Environmental Science Theme Lead/Keeper of the Plan for Ashima Research. Newman explains that the plan also […]

NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security – Regolith Explorer asteroid sample return mission – mercifully shortened to OSIRIS-Rex, is the first U.S. mission to collect a sample of an asteroid and return it to Earth for study. Next year, in August 2018, OSIRIS-REx’s approach to asteroid Bennu will begin. It will use an array […]

Shooting stars on demand…that’s the business plan of ALE Corporation, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan. ALE (Astro Live Experiences) is a space entertainment startup that wants to create shooting stars by using microsatellites. Its mission is to contribute to scientific research through entertainment. It was founded in September 2011 by Lena Okajima, a serial entrepreneur with […]

  This artist’s impression shows the first detected interstellar asteroid:`Oumuamua. The unique object was discovered on October 19, 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawai`i. Subsequent observations were done by telescopes around the world, including the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) and the Keck Telescope on Maunakea, the Gemini South […]

The historic Apollo 11 command module, Columbia, is on tour to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon in July 2019. The milestone-making spacecraft is currently on view at Space Center Houston, Houston, Texas, from Oct. 14, 2017–March 18, 2018. It next appears at the Saint Louis Science Center, […]

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