A European Space Agency spacecraft is making an uncontrolled nosedive into Earth’s atmosphere – with elements of the 2.3-ton spent satellite likely to survive the plunge into purgatory. The exact time and place above Earth that the radar-scanning ESA European Remote Sensing (ERS-2) augers in is unknown, but a new prediction of the spacecraft’s demise […]

That incoming European Remote Sensing (ERS-2) is closing in on a nose-dive into Earth’s atmosphere. Tipping the scales at an estimated 2.3 tons (2,294 kilograms), when and where the defunct spacecraft completes its final orbit is an unknown.  ERS-2 was launched on April 21, 1995. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) latest prediction is that […]

  Mars Guy reviews new images from tests that expose the extent of the destruction of Ingenuity, the Mars helicopter. One rotor blade appears to be missing.     On the 72nd flight of Ingenuity, the craft suffered catastrophic damage when its rotor blades contacted a sand ripple during landing. Go to video that features […]

  The reentry of Varda Space Industries’ in-space manufacturing capsule, named Winnebago-1 (W-1), is set for February 21. The FAA has granted a world-first reentry license for the mission, enabling Rocket Lab to conduct a targeted reentry of the capsule and subsequent landing in the Utah Desert. Rocket Lab built and is operating the spacecraft […]

The Intuitive Machines (IM-1) Moon lander has transmitted its mission images to Earth on February 16th. The lunar lander images were captured shortly after separation from the SpaceX’s second stage. The IM-1 mission Nova-C class lunar lander called “Odysseus” continues to be “in excellent health, in a stable orientation and remains on schedule for a […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover at Gale Crater is now performing Sol 4100 duties – wheeling toward 20 miles of distance from its touchdown location on August 5, 2012 Pacific Daylight Time (morning of August 6 EDT). Abigail Fraeman, a planetary geologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reports that the newly shaped weekend plan calls for […]

Book Review: Off-Earth Ethical Questions and Quandaries for Living in Outer Space by Erika Nesvold; MIT Press (2023); 304 pages, Hardcover: $27.95 This is a thought-provoking, even controversial for some readers! Erika Nesvold, an astrophysicist, has worked as a researcher at NASA Goddard and the Carnegie Institution for Science. As a developer for Universe Sandbox […]

  NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover at Gale Crater is now performing Sol 4099 duties. Alex Innanen, an atmospheric scientist at York University in Toronto, Ontario, reviews the rover’s new workspace. “There’s a lot to look at — different textures, different colors, different shapes.” One of these is a contact science target, “Horseshoe Meadows,” a section […]

The final count is in – 121.6 grams (4.29 ounces)! That’s the total amount of collected bits and pieces of asteroid Bennu here on Earth, courtesy of NASA’s Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission. The capsule containing the extraterrestrial goodies landed last September, parachuting into the Department of Defense Dugway Proving […]

We are in a golden age of human spaceflight due to both governmental and private capabilities and knowhow.   To help enhance the roster of public space travel participation, attention is being paid to disabled and mixed ability individuals. Exploratory research on parabolic zero-gravity flights has been performed underscoring the fact that disabled individuals can […]